Many of the potential solutions to the illegal alien problem can only be pursued at the state level. Virginia, being a "Dillon Rule" state, imposes significant limits on what localities are legally allowed to do to address this issue.

Here are some of the legislative initiatives that Save The Old Dominion supports at the state level

  • Statewide adoption of the Section 287(g) Program
  • Improved efforts to combat identity theft
  • Prohibitions on "sanctuary jurisdictions"
  • Increased penalties for businesses that hire illegal aliens
  • Ensure that illegal aliens do not receive statutory public benefits
  • Prevent illegal aliens from obtaining bail
  • Increased penalties for driving without a license

State and local government programs and policies that encourage the unlawful presence of illegal aliens introduce a significant legal liability risk for the Commonwealth and its subdivisions.  If any illegal entrant, whose illegal presence in the United States can be shown to have been encouraged, induced, harbored, and/or aided by any public entity, commits a crime while illegally present in the United States, during the commission of which an American citizen suffers personal injury, bodily injury or property damage, we believe the injured party can bring a personal injury suit against the public entity, and, to the extent allowed by law, against its officers, individually and severally, for damages. 

To avoid the harm that illegal aliens impose on Virginia's citizens, and the legal liabilities that are introduced when government engages in practices that violate federal law (specifically, 8 U.S.C 1324a), Save The Old Dominion advocates for effective lawful government policies that discourage the unlawful presence of illegal aliens.

Impacts Of Illegal Immigration In Virginia


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