Save The Old Dominion seeks to reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing within our communities through legislative action and citizen engagement with their elected officials.  Primarily serving as a resource for local organizations, Save The Old Dominion also helps to coordinate efforts at the state level bringing citizens and organizations together to ensure that our voices are heard in Richmond.

Organizations at the locality level gain access to state-wide resources, a network of successful grass-roots organizations, and have the opportunity to coordinate legislative initiatives with other organizations in the commonwealth that are working on the same issue.

The organizational members of Save The Old Dominion are:

  • Help Save Loudoun
  • Vienna Citizens Group
  • Help Save Hampton Roads
  • Centreville Citizens Coalition
  • Help Protect Culpeper
  • Save Stafford 
  • Help Save Manassas 

Individuals that are interested in forming a grassroots organization at the locality level can get advise and support in how to form an organization at the local level from those who have been successful at it, and while their local organization is being formed, be represented in citizen lobbying efforts at the state level.


If you live in Spotsylvania County, Fairfax County or Warren County, your neighbors are working right now to establish a local organization that will advocate for policies that will reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in their communities.  If you'd like to get involved, or want to help establish a local organization in your community, email us and we'll give you all the help you need.

Contact Executive Director Greg Letiecq at and we can help you make a difference in your community.

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