Illegal Aliens Cost Virginia Taxpayers $1.7 Billion Annually

A recent report by the Federation For American Immigration Reform concludes that the unlawful presence of illegal aliens in the Commonwealth costs taxpayers $1.7 every year for the costs of providing services, the burden on the criminal justice system, and educating illegal aliens and their children in our school systems.  It makes no sense to burden taxpayers with these costs, especially in tough economic times.  It is time for the General Assembly to enact tough new reforms that will reduce this massive burden by encouraging illegal aliens through responsible and common-sense laws to leave Virginia!

Jobs For Virginians

Virginia is suffering from an economic recession, as is the rest of our nation.  This is a difficult time for many Virginia families, too many of which are having great difficulty in making ends meet.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 274,992 Virginians were unemployed in September of 2009.

At the same time the number of Virginians seeking work is higher than it has been in decades, there are 300,000 illegal aliens believed to be unlawfully residing in the Commonwealth, many of whom are competing with these unemployed citizens in the job market.  Because of lax enforcement of federal law and the profit margins that cheap illegal alien labor makes possible, several employment sectors are nearly dominated by illegal aliens.  While American citizens desperately need these jobs, unscrupulous employers are making them available to foreign nationals who are not legally authorized to be employed.

Ensuring that Virginia employers follow the law would dramatically improve the unemployment situation in Virginia, help Virginian families during difficult economic times, and restore pay scales in the construction trades and in the service industries that have been decimated by illegal alien labor.  We call on the General Assembly to enact legislation requiring that Virginia employers ensure they have a legal workforce and allow Americans to hold the jobs that are legally reserved for Americans.

There is no reason why we should have Virginians out of work while illegal aliens are unlawfully employed in Virginia.

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